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Forest's Memorial Wall

These are the people that have left us, and have touch my life in some very special way.




1945 - 1976

This was my mom, and she was an Angel on Earth.  She gave so much, and had so little for herself. They say you only understand what it is to be a parent, when you become one yourself. I think I am beginning to understand now.

Mom was a single mother, and gave us her all for as long as she could. I remember her pain, from working doubles and then trying to further her education, so she could better provide for her 2 son's, which she loved so much.

She passed away in the comfort of her home, and left all she had to her two son's. There were 2 treasures she left, one of material things, that had some value to her. The other was a priceless treasure that will last me a life time... Her Love.

I love and miss you,

'Your Son - Forest'

In loving memory and respect of Theona 'Tony' Faye Earles Johnson - 1945 to 1976



Frances ‘Memaw’


No matter whose kid you were, she was Memaw to you.  Memaw waited table for several places, one was El Chico in the Seminary South Shopping Center, the other was Mi Charrito Restaurant in Wedgewood. She was also a Professional Nanny in her later years, spending some 20+ years assisting busy professionals caring for their children. From all accounts she was just as much a part of their family as her own children were to her.


Memaw loved her Cowboy Church and her friends there. She also made a number of quilts, toboggan hats for premature babies at Children’s Hospital of Fort Worth as well as some “darn’n and stitch’n” for various people in her neighborhood.


Memaw was survived by John her son, 5 Grand Children, 10 Great Grand Children and 2 Great Great Grandchildren at the time of her passing. Her daughter Tony (above) preceded her to the afterlife.


In loving memory and respect of Frances Ruby ‘Memaw’ Cogdill Earles - 1922 to 2013



1948 - 2004

 Also known as 'Grandpa Canti'.  Canti was a major bonding factor in 'The Family'. His wisdom and wise counsel earned him a place in the hearts of all 'The Family' members. Canti was best known for his deep voice, that tended to send women into a swoon. Canti was the most amazing man, and had a flair for the different, and the unique.  He loved chatting with his online family and friends on Camera Cafe. He had a sharp wit and a tongue to match when needed.  Canti was a beloved friend and father or brother figure to us all in 'The Family' and to many on Camera Cafe.  He was a beacon of time tested advice, to many.  I have yet to hear of him turning down any person in need of a shoulder or sympathetic ear. Canti was a truly kind and generous man.

The way he passed is not as important as what he gave to each of us in some small way.  He was family, he was loved, and he shall be forever in our hearts.  He had one last wish, that 'The Family' come together for another reunion. We owe him that last request if at all possible.

Nick, we will miss you,

'The Family'

In loving memory and respect of Nicholas Greaco, a.k.a Canti - 1948 to 2004