Name: Forest R. Johnson - Email Me
D.O.B: October 13, 1965
City: Dallas, TX
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Family: 2 Children/Grown

Hobbies and Interests:   Digital Photography - Art in General - Graphic Art - Usable and Functional Web Design (K.I.S.S. Pages) - Sketching - Internet - Voice and Video Chat - Learning about people - Meeting Different Types and Races of People - Action, Horror, Sci-Fi Movies - Photo Restoration - CSI (all) - Lost - Star Trek (all) - PC Maintenance and Repair - Learning more about my PC and Programs, and what they can do.  

Education: New Horizons Technical School, Dallas, TX - 2005 - MSCE/MS Security/CompTia A+/CompTia Network+/Microsoft® Server 2003,

Draughon’s College, Diploma in Architectural Drafting/Design and Auto CADD Computer Aided/Architectural Drafting and Design and Auto CADD. Some minor system maintenance and troubleshooting. Graduated with 3.89 and 52.5 Semester Hours.

Hillyard Technical Center, St. Joseph, MO - Completed June 14, 2000.  Computer Hardware Maintenance and Trouble Shooting. System tear down, rebuild, Hardware and Software installation.  My teams system was first down and first up/operational. Assisted instructor with other students who were having problems. (Certificate of Completion)

Compu Master, Kansas City, Mo - Completed November 29, 2000. Advanced PC Trouble Shooting Techniques Clinic (Certificate of Attendance).

Central Missouri State University - Federal Law, Missouri State Law, O.C. Pepper Spray, First Aid and CPR (Certificate of Completion 12 Semester Hours).

Likes: Women with curves (actually make better models than women who's ribs are sticking through their skin), Chinese Food - Mexican Food - Sushi - Sea Food - Hooters Bentley Hot Wings - My Aunts Fried Chicken (DROOOOOL!)

Dislikes:   People who pretend to be who or what they aren't - Long drawn out 'Love Stories' - Religious People pushing their beliefs on me - Religion slithering its way into the Government - Censorship of Art (kid porn excluded, please censor that) - Pedophiles - Rapists - Illegal Drugs - People who take advantage of those with very little to begin with. People who hurt their children in the name of God (even Abraham had issues with this) - Companies that forget that their employees are the back bone of who they are.

Favorite Sayings:

1: A Person is smart, people are panicky and stupid. (MIB)

2: Logic itself is based on illogical concepts we assume are correct.

3: You are only as smart as others think you are.

4: The difference between Eccentric and Totally Nuts; is a hundred million dollars.

5: I never said I was incapable of lying, I simply told him what he wanted to hear.

6: It isn't impossible, we just don't know how to do it... Yet!

7: If it ain't broke, leave it the hell alone!

8: Ohhhh, the things I am going to do for my country. (xXx)

9: We have a Right Wing and a Left Wing right? So where is the rest of the damn bird? (Me)

10: When I am good, I am real good, but when I am bad... I am better. (Maye West)

11: The difference between 'Cheating on your lover' and 'Sex on the side' is getting caught.

12: Killing someone is easy, living with it, that is the hard part. (My College Professor, CMSU, Psychology and Law Enforcement)

13: Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. Mummy, Mummy, put the rock down. (Dave Allen At Large)

14: Theory and Fact are usually separated by a single misplaced equation.

15: Failure is always the precursor of Success.

16: God is not above being questioned; but he expects to be obeyed.

17: I don't make typin g errors, I just have stupid fangers.

18: Pack your PC back into the box just the way it came... You are too stupid to own a computer.

19: If you have to force your beliefs on another, are they really anything to be proud of?