Welcome to my Art and Picture Pages. There are assorted mediums and methods here. If you are offended by nudity, then I suggest you DO NOT open any of the folders, some contain form studies (naked people) of the female/male form, unless I haven't uploaded them yet. There are also other mediums of art as well as, friends pictures/movie clips and events I may attend. Back HOME is here and the DISCLAIMER (which I suggest you read) is here.


There are a few downloadable doc's here I use for photography. I am working on a Model Release Form and other doc's as well.

Remember when you are working with a photographer, it is not uncommon for his work to be copy righted. You will need to secure a 'copyright release' form from the photographer to reprint your pictures. This is because of the '1996 DMCA Law' signed into law during the 'Clinton Administration'.

Copy and paste the web links to download the forms.

This a Boudior Checklist for the model to go though. There are a few examples here, so choose the one you like best. Also the Cheat Sheet for you and the photographer to plan out the session as best you can.
www.forestrj.com/documents/Boudoir-Intimate Photo Session.pdf

Model Release for model that are usually hired or barter paid.
www.forestrj.com/documents/Photo Adult Model 2017-A.docx
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