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Man shall cling unto his wife

‘Man shall cling unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh’. Genesis 2:24

Most Christians (other than children and Fundamentalists) understand that the Biblical narrative of the Garden of Eden, with its nakedness and temptation, snake, fruit and forbidden knowledge, is all about sex - and that women are sluts.

God gets angry when he finds out that they’ve “eaten the fruit”. Adam blames the Eve for tempting him, (“The woman Thou gavest to be with me, she gave me the fruit of the tree, and I ate”) so God condemns women to painful childbirth.

Because Eve tempted Adam, early Fathers of the Church taught that women were “the devil’s gateway” and ultimately to blame for the death of Christ.

Some Christian cults have interesting variations of the Garden of Eden story: The Mormons believe that Jesus helped God create the Garden of Eden and that it was located in Jackson County, Missouri.

The Manicheans believed that Adam and Eve were the result of the copulative action of two demons: “Then Jesus came and spoke to the one who had been born, who was Adam, and … made him fear Eve, showing him how to suppress (desire) for her, and he forbade him to approach her… Then that (male) Archon came back to his daughter, who was Eve, and lustfully had intercourse with her. He engendered with her a son, deformed in shape and possessing a red complexion, and his name was Cain, the Red Man.”

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  • Forest Johsnon on 2017-Mar-23 04:19:57 Forest Johsnon said

    OK anyone notice that Adam IS WAY to high up to be inserted into the sinful vagina? It looks like he is sodomizing Eve!

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