Welcome to my Art and Picture Pages. There are assorted mediums and methods here. If you are offended by nudity, then I suggest you DO NOT open any of the folders, some contain form studies (naked people) of the female/male form, unless I haven't uploaded them yet. There are also other mediums of art as well as, friends pictures/movie clips and events I may attend. Back HOME is here and the DISCLAIMER (which I suggest you read) is here.

CADD Stuff

Miscellaneous stuff I did with SketchUp CADD.

I don't care how cool a concept is, DO NOT TRY TO MAKE IT, if you can't do the math, have the insurance.... let alone the skill to make anything you see here. IF YOU DO... You release me of all liabilities both financial and physical. Be sure to read my DISCLAIMER.

Any 'Compilation' works will have 'comp' in the file name! If you want to know who did what, research the items on SketchUp.

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